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Whitecoats were the mad scientists who ran the School and other related organizations in the Maximum Ride series.


Before The Angel ExperimentEdit

Maximum Ride was conceived by combining an egg donated by Dr. Valencia Martinez with the chromosomes of Jeb Batchelder. During this time, five other children, who later became the Flock, underwent genetic experimentation by the Whitecoats that rendered them two-percent avian.

Ten years later, Jeb—who took pity on the six hybrids—smuggled the Flock out of the School and to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. He acted as their father for two years after, then he mysteriously disappeared.

The Angel ExperimentEdit

Angel was kidnapped by Erasers and taken back to the School, where Whitecoats such as Reilly tortured her and where she learned that Jeb was alive.

School's Out - ForeverEdit

Jeb and some other Whitecoats revived Ari Batchelder by fusing some of the bones in his neck after Max had broken them in the New York subway tunnels.

Saving the World and Other Extreme SportsEdit

The Director tasked Jeb with killing the Flock.


Mr. Chu kidnapped Dr. Martinez and held her hostage, agreeing to only let her go if the CSM stopped raising environmental awareness.


Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen and Dylan were introduced, and Mr. Chu was revealed to be part-reptilian.


Angel was taken by Whitecoats after bombs exploded underground at a Doomsday Group rally in Paris.


While Angel was at the School, a supposedly-intentional fire broke out and killed many almost all the Whitecoats in the building.

Maximum Ride ForeverEdit

Dr. Gunther-Hagen was revealed to have been the Remedy—the genocidal psychopath responsible for the apocalypse that killed billions in the previous book—and Jeb died after Star snapped his neck.

Known Whitecoats Edit

Gallery Edit