Hi my fellow devils!

How life??

Life for me is good but also boring.

You know why because of teachers!

Teachers are people who are not so fun at times they can take stuff away from you for no reason sometimes even.But most teachers give it to the offices and you have to pay to get it out of the office.

Like one day i was on my phone checking something about my teacher says "Hand it over" so i did then i come back from lunch and next thing i know he took it to the office so i had to waste my money to get it out of the office!!

I mean me and my teacher could have made a deal but no "You get caught on your phone you have to pay 15 dolars to get it back"

I mean what do teachers excpect people get a phone and there atahsed to it .

I mean parents do the same thing they get a phone their on it most of the day,but when we get on it for the whole day "Get off your phone and do somethign else" parents and teachers cant say anything thier on their phones all the time

I just don't think it's fair!!

Now the question is do you think its fair?

pleas comment if you think it's not fair