So, Max got super speed. Fang got invisibility, and semi-super speed. Nudge got hacking and magnetism. Angel got the genetic power JACKPOT! And Gazzy got mimicking and... well... you know. And Iggy, apart from his slightly increased hearing, sensitive hands, and Flock degree in demolition has NO unique powers! And honestly, if I'm honest, I have to be honest with you guys, I think he needs some. I also think that maybe Nudge and Gazzy need some more too. So, I have decided to create a list of powers for our other flock members.

IGGY: This may seem extreme, but maybe some kind of heat resistance. I mean, the guy has been around with explosives since he escaped. Think about it.

He could also have a different kind of sight, since he's blind. Heat, radar, sonar, or even, ironically, night vision.

GAZZY: Considering his personality, perhaps Gazzy could have a joke power. Let me explain. Gazzy can mimic any voice. Well, what if his voice could also cause uncontrollable laughter.

I also think he should be able to recognize elements and compounds(especially explosive ones) by touching or smelling them.

NUDGE: I think that Nudge should be able to shape shift, just like Angel.

And Nudge should have a photographic memory. Meaning she should be able to see something or hear something, and describe it down o the smallest detail or repeat it word-for-word.

Please reply and tell me if my ideas are nonsense or if you have your own ideas. Make sure to tell me who the powers are for.