Uh-huh. I have a bit of scientific curiosity myself. Listen, how do they keep your boxes clean? Like, with an aquarium vacuum, or what?

Max to the Uber-Director, The Final Warning

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The Uber-Director, also known as the UD, is the main villain of The Final Warning.

Character Traits Edit

His character traits are very emotionless, but unlike Gozen, his bodyguard, he could sigh, smile, and frown, and was also shown to blush when angered. His voice was similar to Gozen's, sounding human but with slightly odd inflections, as well as a detectable mechanical quality.

Appearance Edit

He is described as a transparent person, being a little more than a human head attached by means of an artificial spinal column to a series of clear Plexiglas boxes where you can see all of his organs. His organs were surrounded by and connected to machine parts, such as hoses and pumps. The Uber-Director's boxes are stacked in a small motorized chair, and in each of the boxes is an organ, suspended in liquid. Despite being in this state, only 23% of his being required oxygen from the outside world in order to function, but he thinks about the air filters that are in his secret lair and thinks stale air was still unpleasant.

Residence Edit

The Uber-Director spends most of his time in some hidden caves, which are filled with many abandoned antiques. He also uses an office building in Miami to serve as the prison of the Flock and a place where he could get people to bid on them.

Fate Edit

During the auction, a Category 5 hurricane rips through, and he is swept away by the storm. The Uber-Director encounters Max briefly before what is believed to be his death; as she kicks him and sends him back into the storm, all of his boxes disconnected and were strewn around by the hurricane.


  • His personal bodyguard is Gozen.
  • He is usually found in underground buildings: Subterranean, Terranean, etc.
  • The Uber-Director can signal to the nanoprocessors implanted in his brain by thought. He could vaporize his team leaders and his troops with a crackling, sparkling fizzle, leaving behind nothing but a nose-wrinkling odor of charred flesh and machine oil.
  • Max nicknamed him BoxBoy.
... And yes, it was totally as gross as it sounds. If I haven't seen a million incredibly gross things in my life, I would have barfed right there ... His voice had enough expression to convince me that he had a colossal ego jam-packed into his Habitrail body. Great. I thought this day had been lacking in megalomaniacs.

–Max, The Final Warning