You! You guys are perfect! We're having a makeover fest! You guys can have total makeovers for free -- as long as your stylist gets to do whatever he or she wants. Makeup, hairstyle, everything! Except tattoos. We'd need a note from your parents.

–Guy with a Mohawk Haircut from U 'Do

U ‘Do was having a makeover fest and offered free makeovers to the Flock. It is located in a "barnlike secondhand shop" in New York City.


In The Angel Experiment, after the pandemonium at Garden Tavern, the Flock was miserable and still hungry. The next morning, when Max  woke up late, Fang passed her four different newspapers, all on which the Flock was swooping gaily on the front page. Quoted from Max, " . . . So it looks like it's ix-nay on the Institute, at least for a while." Then the Gasman suggested they wear disguises, and Angel agreeably said, "Yeah, like glasses and funny noses." Max'd smiled, "You think?"

Subsequently, they set out again in the afternoon without glasses and funny noses, because none had materialized. While they were eating at a deli, Guy with a Mohawk Haircut said [see quote above] and waved at U 'Do's storefront. Nudge was picked up at the start, and Max finally agreed when she saw two wild teenage girls coming out. " . . . I bet their own friends wouldn't have recognized them," was what she said.

As a result, Max got a new jean jacket and her stylist had picked up her long braid and simply "whacked it off," and changed it into feathery layers. Not only that, but she had streaked it with chunky strands of hot pink and gone to town with makeup. Nudge's dark brown supercurly hair had been blow-dried perfectly straight and cut in layers. Then they'd streaked it with blond highlights. The Gasman had outfitted himself in camouflage, down to his sneakers. Some of his pale blond hair had been bleached white. They'd spiked it with gel and colored just the spiky tips bright blue.  The sides were super short. The Gasman had also wanted 'Bite Me' shaved into the back of his head, but Max refused. Iggy got his ear pierced, and his strawberry-blond hair was spiked like Gazzy's and tipped with black on the ends. Fang's hair had been cut short also, except for one long chunk that flopped over in front of his eyes. It had been highlighted with several mottled tan shades and now looked exactly like a hawk's plumage. Max had outfitted Angel in new cargo pants and a T-shirt, and Angel herself had picked out a fluffy fleece jacket.