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This is grounds for expulsion! The stink bomb was reason enough! But I stupidly gave you a second chance ...

The Principal, School's Out - Forever


The Principal, or William Pruitt, is a character introduced in School's Out - Forever, headmaster at the North Adams School. He is a balding man with a British accent, prone to angry outbursts, and possesses an extreme dislike for his students. Max occasionally refers to him as "the headhunter."

Story Edit

He yells at Max and the Flock on two occasions after Iggy and the Gasman detonate a few bombs; the first being a stink bomb, and the second being an explosive. He also yells at the kids in the library.

Iggy and Gazzy overhear him telling his secretary, Ms. Cox, to bury some files in the file room of the basement under the school, eventually leading to the kids to find out that the school is really an insane asylum, fueling Max's suspicions. Iggy and Gazzy also found a tunnel in the basement.

Later, when Max enters the teachers' lounge, it is revealed that the Principal and several other teachers are on the same side as the School. Three teachers pull out Tasers and trying to capture Max, and the Principal attempts to restrain Max with a plastic cord. However, there are a few teachers not in league with them, including the librarian, Mr. Michael Lazzara.

Max signals the Flock to run, causing them to flee the school, which is now in a state of chaos. As the Flock takes off, the Principal gets outside and attempts to hit Max with his car. Max simply shatters his windshield and flies away. He continues to threaten the Flock as they escape.

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