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The Krelp are underwater creatures that were created from various mutations. This is most likely due to the radiation emitted from the radioactive materials Mr. Chu dumped into the ocean. They are first introduced in MAX.

Story Edit

The Krelp are mad at Mr. Chu for dumping a bunch of radioactive materials in the ocean. The radiation hurts them, causing horrid-looking mutations and wounds.

In MAX, they attack the Flock, thinking that they work for Mr. Chu; later, though, they help Max and Angel save Dr. Martinez from Mr. Chu's underwater base by using industrial-strength and acidic snot (which melted through the glass and kept Dr. Martinez from being crushed by the pressure of the ocean water. When the Flock later told Gazzy, he tried but failed on all attempts.)

Trivia Edit

  • There is no specific way the Krelp were created. The theory is that they were simply exposed to too much radiation, which led to their various hideous mutations.
  • They help rescue Max's mother because Angel communicated telepathically with one named "Gor." Gor appears to be the leader of the Krelp, not to mention the largest.