Institute of higher living marvel comics

The Institute for Higher Living, or the Institute, is an underground laboratory where the Flock finds files about their past and parents; they also free a bunch of mutants there, leading to "the second Flock," headed by a girl with wings. The Institute is associated with the School and Itexicon, and is located far beneath New York, accessible through a door hidden in the sewers. Inside, it appears very similar to the School.


  • The "second Flock" is never heard from after The Angel Experiment, the book in which the Flock infiltrated the Institute.
  • The Flock looks a little bit at the files that they stole regarding information about their pasts and their parents. This information is mentioned a little in the second book, and then not heard of again afterwards.
    • Max does not receive any files.
    • Fang learns that his mother was a teenager, and doesn't know who his dad is; his mother also thinks that he is dead.
    • Iggy finds his parents, who had believed him to be dead after he was stolen from a hospital, and goes to live with them…only to discover that they are attention-lovers who attempt to make money off of him. After this, he returns to the Flock.
    • Nudge's parents are believed to be in Tipisco, Arizona, but they think that she is dead.
    • Angel had learned beforehand from the thoughts of some whitecoats that she and Gazzy's parents had sold them to the School for money.
    • It is interesting to note that all the files have photographs in them, and the flock can see what their parents looked like. A picture of Gazzy and his mom kept popping up in Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.
  • In ANGEL, Max mentions that Maya was "liberated from her cage in New York," which leads to the theory that she was the girl leading the "second Flock."
  • In the hardcover edition of the first book, a blog about Fang and Nudge scouting Washington D.C. before the rest of the Flock goes reveals that there is a similar institute called The Institute of Higher Aeronautics. This is the place that they find Erasers, showing where the flying ones in the second book originated from.
  • Originally the Flock looked for the Institute at the 433 Building, but were unable to find any leads. However, Max continues to call it "the Institute's building," and enters the sewers on 33rd Street, two streets away from the building.
  • The Institute, located on the 24th floor of the 433 Building, is mentioned in the extra materials at the end of School's Out - Forever.