The Original Flock Home
The Flock's first house was located in a beautiful and secluded part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado.


Before The Angel ExperimentEdit

The Flock lived in the house for two years with Jeb Batchelder, the whitecoat who helped them escape from the School. After Jeb left, the Flock stayed in the house without him for another two years.

The Angel ExperimentEdit

When Angel was kidnapped, the Flock left the house to rescue her. Gazzy and Iggy stayed behind to guard it, but after Erasers found them, they were forced to detonate Big Boy, and the resulting fire ended up burning down the house.


Another house similar to it was rebuilt by the CSM as a big thank-you for all the work the Flock did for them, mainly for their work in Antarctica. The Flock lived there on their own for a while until Jeb and Dylan joined them, with Jeb wanting to reclaim his place and Dylan wanting to join the Flock.

Appearance Edit

The house was described as "shaped like a letter E turned on its side" over a canyon. Max rated the house as a solid 15 on a "cool" scale from 1 to 10. If one were to look out the windows, they would get the impression that they were floating.