Ratchet made his first appearance in ANGEL, and is the first of the evolved humans that later became known as "Fang's Gang" (Fang's flock).

History Edit

Backstory Edit

He was a normal kid until he was genetically altered, presumably by the Doomsday Group, about four or five months before the beginning of ANGEL. He was kicked out of his house because he overheard phone calls, personal conversations, etc. He was part of a gang, living in the streets; because of this, he knows how to survive on his own.


He is first mentioned in chapter nine, when Fang attempts to sneak up on him but fails due to his enhanced senses, and is described to be 'Fang's first target.' Fang manages to restrain him until Ratchet proves that he is actually him due a password they agreed on. He appears once again in chapter 14, but this time in a diner waiting for the other potential members of Fang's gang to arrive and Ratchet discusses the situation of his former gang with Fang. Then he points out 'the blond chick' approaching from 2-3 blocks away.

The other members arrive throughout the chapters, and Star and Ratchet seem to instant rivals. Ratchet started flirting the moment he met Kate and it didn't take long for him to start wrestling with Holden.

While in Paris, Fang's Gang puts on a show at the Louvre to attract the Doomsday Group's attention. Ratchet listens in on people's conversation and then pretends to "read their minds," and helps pass the hat for donations. Afterwards, they eat at a restaurant but are interrupted by an explosion. In battle with the Doomsday Group kids, Ratchet teams up with Iggy, showcasing his skill in hand-to-hand combat.

Nevermore Edit

He is injured by Kate and Star when they kick him in the chest during the battle with Ari's clone.

Maximum Ride Forever Edit

While recruiting people for her army, Angel finds Ratchet and Kate living in an abandoned mall in San Francisco. Since they are naturally immune to the H8E virus, they are donating blood to cure other kids. They join the army in Russia and help lead the charge.


His senses are far more enhanced than the average person; he can hear, smell, and see further then anyone else. (The gang uses him as a "guard" to detect any upcoming enemies.)

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He is described as a teenage boy around Fang's age. He is also said to always wear colored shades or aviator glasses, and have large noise-canceling headphones hanging around his neck. He has green eyes.

Trivia Edit

  • He and Star are constantly at each other's necks.
  • Ratchet tends to use a lot of slang (e.g. "chick").