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Paris, France, was mentioned and visited at various points in the Maximum Ride series.

History Edit

Saving the World and Other Extreme SportsEdit

Max, Angel, Nudge, and Total visited the city after the Flock split in two. It was described as a place where Total could go in restaurants without Angel's mind coaxing.


Paris was the main area of the first mass destruction caused by the Doomsday Group. The group made the destruction happen by gathering people for a rally above sewers filled with C-4 and gaz toxique (poisonous gas). When detonated, the C-4 caused catastrophic amounts of damage to the city and wounded countless people.

Maximum Ride Forever Edit

It was heavily implied that Paris had been hit by a nuclear bomb, like Hong Kong and Dar es Salaam, or possibly flooded like New York. A news site that the Flock visited showed the president of France giving a speech while wearing a hazmat suit.