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Nino Pierpont was an ally of the Flock, as well as the world's richest man—richer than any country, company, or family anywhere—prior to the apocalypse. He occasionally funded their adventures, but remained somewhat mysterious.


The Final WarningEdit

He first lends the Flock a jet for them to fly to Argentina, and then sail with the scientists to Antarctica.

Nevermore Edit

Pierpont pays for the Flock's tuition at an exclusive private school called Newton.

Dr. Martinez, who has been working in Jeb’s lab, contacts Pierpont and tells him that the 99% Plan is beginning. It is revealed that the two of them have been making plans for years to combat the H8 virus, since before Max was born. Pierpont has a jet waiting for the Flock near the city to take them to Paradise, the Pacific island that he has been developing. The island is filled with state-of-the-art homes and has a medical team and is staffed by Pierpont's own private chefs.

Nino Pierpont and Dr. Martinez created the island for the people who would survive the epidemic and the end of the world. This group mostly consists of hybrid children and only a few others, including themselves. Pierpont is brusque with Dr. Martinez and offhandedly tells Max not to worry about the virus.

Maximum Ride ForeverEdit

Rizal reveals that Pierpont had barricaded himself inside a watertight food vault when the sea flooded the caves during the apocalypse. A month later, after the waters had receded enough for the door to be pried open, he was found curled up on the floor; according to Rizal, he had died of thirst.

Description Edit

Nino Pierpont has short silvery hair and, while on Paradise, wears a “deliberately rugged, undoubtedly expensive trekking outfit” complete with safari hat.