Mike was the name of the computer hacker that the Flock first encountered in The Angel Experiment. Fang commented that he's even more paranoid than the Flock is.

History Edit

The Angel ExperimentEdit

The Flock met him in the New York subway tunnels, where he yelled at Max twice for disrupting his computer. It was implied that the chip in Max's arm may have been responsible. He was shown to be an insane genius, possibly suffering from several mental disorders (including schizophrenia), as suggested by the medicine—Thorazine—he was supposed to take. He usually carried around a Mac, and called it his "bread and butter." When Max told him about the chip in her arm, he became frightened and ran away.

Saving the World and Other Extreme SportsEdit

Later, Fang met him in an internet cafe in California, where he learned his name and had him help recruit the help of his blog followers via email.


Mike appeared in ANGEL, where Max, Dylan, and Angel found him wandering alone in the desert. He was under the influence of the Doomsday Group and no longer had his Mac with him. He ran away from the trio, ranting about killing humans and the "planet cleanse." His fate after that is unknown.

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