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Max II
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Family Maximum "Max" Ride (genetic original)
Status Deceased
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown or blond with magenta streak
Height 5'8"
Species Avian-human hybrid
Now everything gets doubly interesting

–"Max II", School's Out: Forever

Max II, or Maya, was Maximum Ride's clone, introduced in School's Out - Forever.

History[edit | edit source]

School's Out - Forever[edit | edit source]

Max II was part of a plan to replace the original Max and have the Flock "retired". She was eager to carry out her mission and irritated by the Flock's weakness and lack of productivity. as well as the perceived weakness of non-Max members. However, she knew nothing about the Flock, and acted very different from Max, offering to cook meals or fix Nudge's hair, and ordering Total off of the bed. She was even unaware that Angel could read minds. As a result, the Flock realized quickly that she was not Max.

Max II was supposed to fight Max to the death, but Max spared her and refused to kill her. Max insisted that Max II was a person and didn't deserve to be killed.

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports[edit | edit source]

The Flock encountered Max II at Itexicon's German headquarters, along with other mutants preparing for termination. She was accompanied by clones of Nudge and Angel. She warned the original Max about how fast Itex was killing the mutants and said that they only had about a day before they too were terminated. She seemed unconcerned about her impending death and was more irritated that Max and Nudge weren't taking their situation and her advice seriously. When reminiscing about her fight with Max, she said that "it was awful" that Max didn't kill her.

ANGEL [edit | edit source]

In the seventh book, Max II - now going by the name Maya, and emphasizing her individuality - joined Fang's Gang. She had spent some time in Europe. 

She and Fang were drawn to each other romantically. Max was furious after finding out, feeling that Maya was being used as her replacement both in the Flock and in Fang's affections. Maya argued with Max that she was her own unique person and more than a clone, and Fang agreed with her. Although Fang showed signs of having feelings for her, she knew it was only because he missed Max.

After working together in Paris, Max thanks her and they part on civil terms.

Nevermore[edit | edit source]

Maya was with Fang's Gang when Ari ambushed them. When Ari called her "Max," she repeatedly said firmly that her name was Maya. In the fight, Fang tried to get to her. Maya fought Ari in the sky, only to fall with her neck covered in blood. Ari attacked again, crushing her chest, and she died in Fang's arms. Fang was heartbroken for a few chapters before he went back to liking Max.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

She was physically identical to Max, even having "identical scars and scratches." They both had a voice which Fang described as "husky." Star mistook them for twin sisters.

By the time of ANGEL, Maya had dyed her hair with a magenta streak. In Nevermore, she was wearing it in a short pixie cut.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Max and her clone on the cover of Max Ride: Ultimate Flight

During the Fugitives arc, Max II was arrogant, bad-tempered, and felt irritated by the Flock. She seemed close with Ari, spending time with him as they prepared for their mission. Ari enjoyed her company since she bothered Jeb. She watched the Flock tortured by their worst fears and held Angel down so that Ari could rip a bite out of her forearm.

Max II accepted her status as a clone, saying "I was exactly like Max, I was Max, I was better than she was in every way." However, she sympathized with Max, feeling that they were both alone.

Beginning in ANGEL, Maya assertively stated that she was her own person, not just Max's clone. She renamed herself and changed her hair to distance her appearance from Max. She still had the same "bravado and snark" as Max, but according to Fang she "wasn’t quite as hard as Max, not quite as tough."

Maya was capable of fighting passionately for those she cared about, even if she didn't like them very much. Fang depended on her while making choices, and was brokenhearted by her death.

She has spent time in Europe and is more familiar with other languages, reading a French menu easily. When Gazzy says that he wants a burger, Maya recommends him boeuf haché.

In Other Media[edit | edit source]

Max II appears in the manga adaptation, and in Max Ride: Ultimate Flight and Final Flight, both of which adapted Schools Out - Forever and Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In ANGEL she showed mannerisms different from Max's, such as the way she tilted her head, and that she lowered her voice at the end of a sentence instead of rising it in a question like Max.
  • In ANGEL, Max mentioned that Maya had lived mainly in Europe since being "liberated from her cage in New York." It is unclear when Maya was kept in New York. This may be an error; the character was previously last seen imprisoned at Itexicon's headquarters in Germany. The line has led to fan confusion, with some versions of this page stating without proof that Maya was the bird-girl from the Institute for Higher Living. The bird-girl was significantly younger than Max and did not resemble her.
  • In Sanskrit, "Maya" means "illusion". This might be a reference to Maya having a similar appearance to Max.
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