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Joining a scientific expedition gives Max and the flock a perfect opportunity to distance themselves from the heated debate over their future, but frostbite isn't the only danger in the Antarctic! A powerful figure in the underworld has promised the super-human kids to the highest bidder—and he has the robotic army to ensure the goods are delivered!

This is the eighth manga adaptation of the Maximum Ride series. It is based on the events from chapter 42 to chapter 74 of The Final Warning and the prologue of MAX (book).

Story Edit

The Flock begins their fight against global warming huddled with a flock of penguins. Gazzy is sliding down a hill with the penguins and Angel tells Max she wants a baby penguin, protesting that they are very cute and cuddly. Max kindly reminds her that penguins eat vomit, and that Angel would have to vomit to feed a baby penguin. She is less enthusiastic. Max is jealous because Fang seems attracted to Brigid.

Angel wanders off during an ice storm against Brigid's advice, and falls into a crevasse with the dogs and becomes trapped. Max and Fang try to rescue them, but the Flock is captured and taken to the Uber-Director. A hurricane destroys the building where they're being kept. Afterwards, Max gives a public speech about the dangers of global warming. The book ends with the Flock in Los Angeles, where a sniper is about to shoot Max.