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Maximum Ride: The Manga (5) is the fifth manga adaptation of the Maximum Ride novel series. It is based on the events from chapter 136 to chapter 142 of School's Out - Forever and chapter 1 to chapter 52 of Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports.


Escaping ITEX in Florida, the Flock head west, with Max more burdened than ever by the knowledge that she's meant to save the world. But while their leader is keen to stay on the path leading to her destiny, Fang and the others are more interested in settling down and letting the chips fall where they may. With the Erasers eerily absent from their lives of late, has the Flock finally earned a bit of peace...or is this all just the calm before the storm?

Story Edit

Chapter 29 Edit

The chapter begins where the previous volume left off: where Max is about to battle her clone, Max II. Ari, Gazzy, and Nudge call Max's name, but both Maxes respond. The real one remarks how they say imitation in the most sincere form of flattery, which must mean that the clone is really sucking up. "Who are you?" Max II asks. At that moment, Angel runs by the clone screaming to the real Max, yelling that this new Max is an impostor—"She's not an imposter, you are!" Max II tries to reason with Angel, but the six year-old drops the bomb that she can read minds, much to the horror of the clone. Nobody had ever told her that. However, she is determined to succeed in her plan, so she reaches out her hand and says to Angel that Max is tricking her. That is when Jeb Batchelder comes into the room. He asks the real Max if she's alright, causing her to snap at him to not pretend like he cares about her. He tries to make Max's clone get jealous and then tells the clone that the old Max was no good and they should eliminate her. Max's clone agrees and immediately starts a fist fight between the two Maxes. They battle and when the clone corners Max on the ground, Max then retaliates and pins the clone helplessly on the floor. She refuses to kill the other Max and reasons that both of them were humans. Jeb argues back but then Gasman comes to appearance and warns Max to duck and he sets of an explosion. As Max climbs out of the debris, she calls for her friends and when they don't appear to hear, she shouts, "Report!" All of her friends climb out of the remains, she later asks Fang how they reconized her. He jokes and says, "She offered us to cook breakfast." Max is irritated at first, but then everyone bursts out laughing.