The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective. Take right now, for instance.

–Max, The Angel Experiment

At the beginning of The Angel Experiment, Max had a nightmare that was mentioned throughout the Maximum Ride series.


Max looking back

Max running from the Erasers

In the dream, Max was running away from the School, supposedly never having been as far away before as she was. The scientists at the School sent Erasers to capture her, but she wasn't concerned by them because she could outrun them. However, bloodhounds entered the chase after a while, and she claimed that she could not outrun them.

When Max was trapped between the Erasers, bloodhounds and a cliff, she promptly chose the cliff and purposely fell off of it. She snapped out her wings, had to create one of her frequent notes-to-self, "Note to Self: No sudden unfurling," then started to fly away. An Eraser attempted to shoot her, but she veered sharply one direction, biting back, "Not today, you jerk. I'm not going to die today," and let the sun blind them. After this, she woke up.

After waking up, she claimed that she hated the dream, making another mental note to give her sub conscious a pep-talk. Later, she said that she found it hard to distinguish between the dream and her life, implying that she hated her life.

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