Max had headaches occurring from time to time in The Angel Experiment due to the Voice.

History[edit | edit source]

First occurrence[edit | edit source]

I couldn't think, couldn't speak, couldn't do a thing. My wings folded like paper, and I started to drop like a hailstone. Something was incredibly wrong.


Soon after the Flock rescued Angel from the School, Max was listening to Nudge talk when she suddenly choked and was blinded by a stunning pain. Crying and unable to think, she began to fall out of the sky, but was rescued by Fang; by this point, she had regained some of her consciousness and could hear herself moan. After being carried for an unknown amount of time, she looked up at him and, when asked why she was so heavy, managed to make a sarcastic remark to him. Nudge asked Max if she was okay, to which she responded that she was, then told Fang to find a place to land.

Second occurrence[edit | edit source]

Lightning-fast images shot through me so fast it made me feel sick. I could hardly make any of them out: blurred buildings, fuzzy landscapes, unrecognizable people's faces, food, headlines from papers, old stuff in black-and-white, psychedelic stuff, swirly patterns...


The next morning, as the Flock was taking off, Max ran about 20 feet and leaped into the air; however, when she was about 10 feet off the ground, another headache struck. Max fell back to the ground, curled up in a ball, and held her head, crying and unsuccessfully attempting not to scream. Flashes of light and images exploded behind her vision extremely quickly, making her feel sick, and when she finally became mobile again, she crawled near some bushes and vomited. Once Max finally managed to open her eyes again, Angel asked her what's the matter with her, and Fang asked her if she should see a doctor. Max didn't respond to Angel and rejected Fang's idea, claiming that the cause of the headache must have been a stomach bug, then told everyone to just get to New York.

Third occurrence[edit | edit source]

While dreaming about strolling through a flower field, Max's third headache struck, causing her to jackknife into a sitting position and grab her head in pain, whimpering and hissing. Fang called her name, but Max couldn't respond, and she admitted to the reader that she would've committed suicide by throwing herself off a cliff without her wings out if she had the chance. Images flashed behind her vision once again, and gibberish voices spoke to her; then she felt Fang's hand on her shoulder and bit through her lip. As she was wondering if she'd get to see the proverbial white-light tunnel she'd heard about, Mike screams, the voice penetrating Max's pain, and demands to know who's screwing with his Mac.

Fourth occurrence[edit | edit source]

The images came, sliding across my brain like a movie. There were architectural drawings, blueprints, what looked like subway lines. Double helixes of DNA twisted and spiraled across my screen, then were overlaid with faded, unreadable newspaper clippings, staccato chunks of sound, colored postcards of New York. One image of a building stayed for a few seconds, a tall, greenish building. I saw its address: Thirty-first Street. Then a stream of numbers floated past me. Man, oh, man, oh, man—what did it mean?


In Saint Patrick's Cathedral, after praying, Max was about to suggest something when a sharp pain burst in her head. Though the pain wasn't as bad as it had been in the three previous headaches, she was still unable to speak for a minute. After it had faded, she and the Flock left the cathedral and discussed the mysterious building—soon revealed to be the 433 Building—Max had seen in her visions.

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