In The Angel Experiment, Max acquired a bank card while in New York City, New York.


After Max almost had been captured by an Eraser (but lucked out because the Eraser's expiration date kicked in), she took a deep breath and looked around. Her eye saw a taxi with a flashing-red-dot signs on top saying: "Every journey begins with one step." As she became aware of the meaning behind the phrase, she noticed a tree set into a hole in the sidewalk; barely visible between the bars of the grate that kept it rooted was a plastic card. She picked it up and saw that it was a bank card, and that it had her name on it. The Voice then told her that if Max could figure out the password, she could use it.

When they were low on money, the Flock tried the card at about five different ATM machines in New York City until Angel guessed the password.


  • The password to use the card at an ATM is "mother".
  • The card is not seen again after the first book.