Max Ride: Ultimate Flight #3 is the third issue of the second arc of Marvel's Maximum Ride comic adaptation.

Blurb Edit

The James Patterson smash hit returns for a second series! MAXIMUM RIDE has to protect her family when their school is raided by the enemy! The gang begins to untangle the mystery of their origin when one set of parents is discovered! And THE FLOCK realizes that there may be a traitor in their midst!

Plot Edit

The Flock listens as the principal announces that Iggy is missing. In a flashback, the Flock meets Iggy's birth parents. Even after learning about his blindness and seeing his wings, his parents embrace him in joy. The Flock sadly bids them goodbye and flies away. Returning to home, they tell Anne they don't know where Iggy is, so she reports him missing.

In school, after the assembly, the Flock splits up to go to class. Sam asks Max if she's all right, but they're interrupted by a man in a suit, who orders Max to the principal's office. The principal calls the Flock a disruption and mentions that "I should never have agreed to this," before a bunch of whitecaps appear with weapons. Max fights her way out and uses the intercom to tell the Flock to escape.

In the hallways, some of the students transform into Erasers and attack her. Sam shows up to help, knocking out an Eraser with a fire extinguisher. He's accepting of Max's wings, and kisses her goodbye.

With the Flock gathered, they burst out of the school. Angel insists that they go back to Anne's farm to get Total. On the farm, they find two whitecoats capturing Total in a bag. Angel uses her powers to make them release him and jump into the lake.

Jeb emerges from the house, applauding, with Ari right behind him. Ignoring Jeb's orders, Ari charges at the Flock, but Max uses her super-speed against him. As the house burns, she demands that Jeb tell her where Anne is, only for Anne to appear and reveal that she is Jeb's boss.