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Max Ride: First Flight #5 is the fifth and final installment of the Max Ride: First Flight comic arc.

Plot Edit

The directions lead the Flock through the sewers to a huge set of doors, which they open using Nudge's psychometry and Gazzy’s hotwiring skills. They find a laboratory inside and Gazzy opens a door into a “hatchery,” full of tanks where failed experiments are kept. Ari arrives, and Max orders the others to rescue the captive splices from their tanks. Max and Ari battle until Ari is impaled on a piece of machinery. Dying, he tells Max that she’s Jeb’s daughter.

Jeb arrives, distraught over Ari’s death, and tells Max that the whole thing was just a test. Furious, Max tells him that he doesn’t deserve to call himself a father, and punches him. The Flock defeats the Erasers and Max tells Jeb not to look for the Flock anymore. They climb out of the laboratory and wind up in the wilderness. The rescued splices immediately flee. Angel tries to stop them, but Max stops her, saying, “no more cages.”

Angel shows Max another file that they’ve found, also with a feather on it. Their parents’ addresses are inside, and they set out to find them.