Max Ride: First Flight #4 is the fourth installment of the Max Ride: First Flight comic arc.


Max and the Flock get closer to uncovering their past, but is it all just a game of entrapment?

Plot Edit

When Angel touches Max, they both hear the Voice. Angel explains that her telepathy is getting stronger, and uses it to locate the Institute for Higher Living. Fang brings out the combat suits stolen from the School for them to wear.

The kids fly to the roof of the Institute and break into a file room, where Nudge realizes that she can sense information about objects. She’s drawn to a file labeled “The Angel Experiment” with photos of all their parents, except for Max’s. Erasers arrive and as Ari and Max fight, Ari reveals that Jeb is his father. The Flock flies away and winds up somewhere around Long Island, where they find an abandoned house that they camp out in. Days pass during which they swim in the lake and live peacefully. Fang suggests that they stay there permanently, and kisses Max, as the other kids look on.

Later that night, as the kids sleep, Max hears someone knocking on the door. It’s Jeb, who takes her outside to show her a vast army of Erasers waiting. He tells her that she’s the School’s ultimate creation, and that’s why her mother named her Maximum. He tells her that she’ll be called to save the world, and there will be signs and messages waiting for her.

She awakens on the couch and at first thinks that she was dreaming, until she finds a feather in her hand with equations written on the shaft. She decides that they will stop hiding and start fighting back. Following the directions on the feather, they descend into sewers.