Max Ride: First Flight #3 is the third comic in Marvel's 5-part Max Ride: First Flight series. It was released on May 20, 2015.


Now prisoners of the School, Max, Gazzy and Iggy are trapped in a dark maze full of dangerous traps, being chased by a monstrous doglike creature. Max hears Angel crying out that she’s drowning, and bursts out through the wall. The lights come back on; the monster continues to chase them, and Gazzy knocks Iggy out of the way, leaving the monster to crash into a wall covered in spikes. Max finds Angel trapped in a water tank, which she opens, and they embrace. Meanwhile, Jeb watches from behind a window and smiles.

Six days pass during which they’re tested and tortured, often battling Eraser-like monsters while wearing combat suits. Max asks Angel to try to sense Fang and Nudge; although her range has never been that strong before, Angel senses them in the desert near the School. Max tells her to transmit her plan.

On the sixth day, Jeb takes Max into another room and offers her hot chocolate (“your favorite, with the chili peppers”). He begins to explain that they’re preparing the Flock for something important, and tells her that the rest of the Flock is expendable. Here she throws the hot chocolate in his face, but he doesn’t seem to feel the pain from the steaming liquid.

Ari takes Max back through the halls and reveals that he was eavesdropping. He demands to know why she gets special treatment from Jeb, and taunts her with the knowledge that he knows her origins. He scratches her face, leaving three cuts over her right eye.

Fang and Nudge crash through a window, throwing Molotov cocktails and setting the building on fire. Max tackles Ari and then runs away through a file room, where she finds her file which Ari had mentioned—a black folder with a white feather on it. She looks through it and then drops it into the flames.

The Flock fights their way out and flies away, as Jeb shouts after them that it was all a test and Max has to save the world. As the Flock flies, Max tells them about the file she found. They land in New York City still wearing hospital gowns. The Voice begins to speak to Max, and she collapses. Fang carries her and, at Nudge’s suggestion, they go down some stairs into the underground city. Max awakens later, and Mike asks what she did to his computers. The massive pile of computers nearby shows the message “Save the World,” and Max is overwhelmed by the sound of the Voice.