Max Ride: First Flight #2 is the second comic in Marvel's 5-part Max Ride: First Flight series. It was released on April 29, 2015.


Semi-conscious, Max floats in the river until Ella finds and rescues her.

Meanwhile, the other Flock members camp out in the nearby woods, hanging hammocks in the trees. Nudge and Fang talk; Iggy can’t get to sleep because of the noise, but senses Erasers approaching.

Max wakes up with her arm in a cast, in a strange bed. Ella reassures her, and having seen her wings, asks if Max is an angel. Max replies, “Um, sure.”  Ella introduces her mother, Dr. Martinez. Overwhelmed, Max begins to cry and Dr. Martinez comforts her.

Elsewhere, following Iggy’s plan, Nudge acts as bait and draws the Erasers into a trap. However, Ari grabs her from behind.

Max heals quickly, though she still can’t fly. She spends the day with the Martinezes. Wanting to know if she’s healed enough to travel, she and Dr. Martinez go to the veterinary clinic. There an X-ray reveals that she’s healing well, but also that she has a computer chip, a tracker. Dr. Martinez gives her food and supplies, as well as her phone number, and they hug goodbye.

She returns to the campsite, seeing Iggy and Gazzy in their hammocks, but when she approaches, realizes that they’re tied up and gagged. The Erasers catch her in a net and tranquilize her as Iggy tries to tell her that Nudge and Fang escaped.

Max awakens in a cage in the School, seeing Iggy and Gazzy nearby, and begins to shout and shake the bars. Jeb appears, telling her to calm down, and that he’s missed her, revealing that his death one year ago was faked.