Max Ride: First Flight #1 is the first comic in Marvel Comics's 5-part Max Ride: First Flight series. It was released on April 8, 2015.

Plot Edit

Max dreams that she’s running through the night, pursued by Erasers. She reaches a cliff, jumps off, and begins to fly. She awakens and joins the others in the kitchen, where Fang is cooking pancakes. She then goes to fetch Angel from her room. Angel couldn’t sleep and had a dream similar to Max’s. As they eat, Gazzy – who has been taking apart Fang’s laptop – boasts that he built a new hard drive. As they banter, a group of Erasers crashes through the window, led by Ari. The kids begin to fight and Max faces off against Ari, who she remembers as “the one we feared above all the rest.” The kids hold their own in the fight, but one of the Erasers grabs Angel and escapes to the helicopter. Max pursues but Ari slams her to the ground, saying, “Don’t you understand the good we’re doing here?” Gazzy then uses the laptop to set off computerized bombs around the house. The kids escape in the explosion and fly away. Everything is destroyed, although the Erasers are revealed to have escaped.

Hours later, further south, they land not far from Lake Tahoe in California. Max heads into the city for supplies. As soon as Max lands in the city and hides her wings, she overhears a group on the bridge. It’s a gang threatening a girl named Ella. Max goes to defend them, punches one of the guys in the face, and tells Ella to run, only for one of the boys to pull out a pistol and shoot her in the chest. Max falls into the river below.

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