Max Ride: Final Flight #4 is the fourth comic in Marvel's 5-part Max Ride: Final Flight series. It will be released December 28th, 2016.

Blurb Edit

JAMES PATTERSON'S HIT SERIES SOARS WITH A REVEAL THAT RENDS MAX'S WORLD ASUNDER!  MAX RIDE is reeling from last issue's shocker-but will she let this revelation shatter her world for good?  And with the fate of the Earth at stake, can the Flock band together to prevent the launch of Itex's BY-HALF PLAN?  Or are they truly as obsolete as the DIRECTOR claims?  Plus: the mystery of the Voice in Max's head is finally revealed!  Don't miss it!

Plot Edit

The Director orders for Max, Nudge, Angel, Ari and Total to be taken downstairs. The Flyboys chain them to the wall in a dungeon. Jeb arrives. They yell at him, but then he reveals that he is the Voice, having created the persona to guide Max. He tells her that she can still save the world and not to give up, and then he leaves. Ari is upset that his father didn't even speak to him, when he's about to die. Max commiserates with him and says maybe they can still save the world.

Later, they are in the courtyard exercising with the other experiments. Max spots her clone. Max II mentions that the scientists are killing off the hybrids. Some of the Flyboys start to collect experiments, apparently to exterminate them. They take Max II, knocking Max to the ground when she tries to stop them.

Twelve hours earlier, Fang, Iggy and Gazzy are about to appear on the webisode of another vlogger, spreading the news about Itex, when Fang receives texts from Max telling him that they need help.

The Director meets with the captured Flock members in an office. A group of people are there interested in buying them as weapons. However, the kids' responses do little to impress them. Max asks, "If we were any good at fighting and stuff, would we really be prisoners here?" The Director rushes her outside and threatens to kill her friends if she doesn't cooperate, but Max remains defiant. The Director tells a Flyboy to take them back to their cells, as they are useless to her. The Voice tells Max that by refusing to become a weapon in order to survive, she has passed another test. He tells her that the Director is not her mother. Her real mother is, in fact, Dr. Valencia Martinez. In addition, Jeb is her father and Ari is her half-brother.

Meanwhile, Fang's message is broadcast all over the world, as kids from different countries watch. Fang, Iggy and Gazzy board a plane to Germany.

Max and her companions are brought outside again to stand before an audience. From her podium, the Director says that their scientists have succeeded in their ultimate genetically-engineered creation: Omega, who will now battle against Max.