Max Ride: Final Flight #3 is the third issue of the third arc of Marvel's Maximum Ride comic adaptation.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

A MAJOR TURNING POINT FOR THE FLOCK AS JAMES PATTERSON'S HIT SERIES CONTINUES! The Flock fly their separate ways! With the FLYBOYS in pursuit, FANG heads west to pick up some new followers — on social media! And when MAX infiltrates ITEX, a startling secret is revealed about her origins that changes everything she thought she knew about the School!

Plot[edit | edit source]

At the cabin where the Flock and Ari are staying, Max announces that she and Fang are going to head separate missions, splitting the Flock in half. She tries to hide the fact that she and Fang have been arguing over Ari's presence and make it seem like this is all part of the plan. Ari, Angel, Total and Nudge say they'll go on Max's team, and Iggy and Gazzy will accompany Fang. As the boys leave, the Voice tells Max to go to Europe.

At the airport, Nudge manipulates the computers to print them four tickets to London, and Angel uses telepathy to get them through security and onto the plane.

Meanwhile, the boys arrive in Hollywood. Fang explains that he has been vlogging about Itex's wrongdoings and has nearly two hundred thousand subscribers. Iggy asks if Fang's social media posts are the way the School has been able to find them, when Gazzy alerts them to the approach of the Flyboys. They fight off the Flyboys, setting the Hollywood sign on fire in the process.

In London, Max's group visits the Crown Jewels. During the night they fly towards Itex's nearest location, but Angel senses that the whitecoats there have killed all their hybrids, and the Voice tells Max to fly east instead.

Fang's group stays at the house of one of Fang's fans in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. The next morning they try going to a news building with their story, but are immediately thrown out. Almost as soon as they leave the building, they are attacked once again by Flyboys.

Max's group stops in Paris before reaching Itex's main headquarters in Lendeheim, Germany. Looking over the wall, they see many imprisoned hybrids - including Max II - walking in the courtyard. They join the prisoners to sneak inside, and find the Director giving a speech for Itexicon's mutant showcase. Max has Nudge text a message to Fang with their location, but then Flyboys seize them. They drag Max onstage, where the Director refers to her as her daughter.

Differences from the Book[edit | edit source]

  • Fang has a YouTube channel and runs a vlog rather than a blog.
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