Max Ride: Final Flight #2 is the second issue of the third arc of Marvel's Maximum Ride comic adaptation.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

JAMES PATTERSON’S SMASH-HIT SERIES CONTINUES WITH A SHOCKING TWIST! JEB springs his trap on THE FLOCK! But why is one of them missing?! As MAX’S world closes in on her, a shocking revelation causes her to question her past…and the Flock’s future!

Plot[edit | edit source]

Nudge, Iggy and Gazzy have been captured, but Angel and Total are missing. Jeb enters the room, with Angel by his side; she declares, "Time for the Flock to die."

Meanwhile, Max and Fang search for the Flock, following the tracks of a van. They find it parked and abandoned, but when they try to open the doors, an electric shock knocks them out.

The five Flock members are reunited in the same room, all in separate small cages. Jeb, Anne and Angel arrive, and tell the angry Max that they never actually left the School and it was all an illusion. Even her hand is no longer paralyzed.

That night, Ari arrives to see Max and takes her for a walk in a wheelchair. He explains the By-Half Plan, and shows her the expiration date on the back of his neck. Jeb and Angel pass by, telling him to take her back to the lab. Max yells at Jeb that Ari is dying, but gets no reaction.

After Max is returned to her cage, a scientist, Roland ter Borcht, arrives to examine them. When he asks their powers, the flock make up ridiculous answers. He calls in whitecoats with guns, apparently ready to kill them, but Max laughs and tells him that she knows something he doesn't. Suddenly Angel appears, tackling the nearest whitecoat, followed by Ari carrying Total. Angel's betrayal was all part of the plan. Max calls for Ari to come with them.

They break into a house and regroup, and Max explains that Angel's defection was her idea and a secret plan in case the worst ever happened. They begin looking for food, but Fang calls Max outside to talk. He's furious that she brought Ari, their enemy, wtih them, but Max points out that he's a dying kid. Fang, however, says that she'll have to choose between him and Ari.

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