Max Ride: Final Flight #1 is the first issue of the third arc of Marvel's Maximum Ride comic adaptation.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

JAMES PATTERSON’S SMASH HIT SERIES RETURNS FOR A TRIUMPHANT CONCLUSION! THE FLOCK iFs tired of running. They’re ready to take the fight directly to JEB and the ERASERS! But things get complicated when the line between friend and enemy is blurred. And all the while, MAXIMUM RIDE keeps hearing that voice in her head – the voice that says she’s destined to save the world! 

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

In a top secret location, Jeb speaks with the Director. They are having trouble tracking down the Flock, but are proceeding with the By-Half Plan and killing most of their creations. The Director authorizes use of the Flyboys.  The Flock fly over a football stadium and land in some trees. This was Fang's plan to draw the Erasers out. However, the Voice informs Max that the Erasers have all been eliminated, along with all the other experiments. Upon hearing this, Fang thinks they should settle down in hiding, not save the world, and the other kids are enthusiastic at the thought of finding a home. The next day, Fang and Max set out to look for a home. While camping in the woods, Fang kisses Max and she quickly flies away. 

Elsewhere, the other kids are waiting in a cave when they see a huge army of Flyboys flying towards them. 

Max and Fang are flying and she notices the Martinez home and stops. Dr. Martinez greets them, and Max asks her to remove the tracking chip. Dr. Martinez warns her about nerve damage, but Max wants to proceed anyway. When she reawakens, she has lost the use of her hand, and the Voice is still present, meaning it was all for nothing. They fly away, but Fang tells Max that Dr. Martinez can't be trusted. He found a book on avian biology in her office containing School photos of Gazzy and Angel. Max's trust in Dr. Martinez is shattered. 

They return to the cave but find it deserted. The rest of the Flock is missing. 

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