Mark is a high-ranking officer/leader of the Doomsday Group. He is higher ranking than Beth, and most likely under the One Light.

Appearance & Abilities Edit

He is unnaturally strong, and is an older man.

Mark In... Edit


Angel first encounters him in an underground base. He seem to intimidate the rest of the Doomsday Group. They are all terrified of making a mistake or disobeying his orders. Angel finds him looking at old newspapers with a raging furnace nearby, a "heat worthy of Hades." From what Angel senses about him, he is filled with malice and pure evil.

He later attempts to attack Max, and yells at her, telling her that she could've been "princess of the world." Later, Mark falls off the platform and supposedly falls to his death, at the same time detonating all the bombs under the city of Paris.

Nevermore Edit

While the Flock is looking for Angel at a scientific research facility in California, he appears. In a "sweet, sociopathic voice that would give [the Flock] nightmares for the rest of [their] lives", he asks, "May I help you?"

He is scarily serene and happy, even though his body is horribly burnt and cut; even Max is terrified. As the Flock gets in their fighting stances, he says that he's not a threat. He claims that everything that had happened was done for the Flock; he believes he's "saved the planet. Saved it, protected it for the select few." This outrages Max -- "How was what you did in Paris protecting the planet?" she cries. Mark simply responds with, "You'll see."

Max tries to force him into telling the Flock where Angel is, but before she could finish, he tells them to "Take care of the earth." After saying this, he jumps out of the nearby window and dies when an iron rod impales his throat.

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