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M-Geeks, also referred to as Dumb-bots and the New Threat, were cyborg-type enemies introduced in MAX.



They first attacked the Flock during their air show in Mexico City, coming in a group of approximately sixty. The Flock was victorious, though later that night, another group shot Max's right wing and took her to see Mr. Chu. As she was riding in the back of a truck, she decided on the name "M-Geeks" due to their "geeky" nature and machine-like characteristics.


The M-Geeks were slim and dark, with faces that were all-human save for glowing green laser-like eyes.


  • Weak points included the tops of their heads and their ankles. Bringing both hands down in a chopping motion on the former would cause it to split open into several metallic strips, and kicking the latter would cause them to snap.