Kate Tan Wei Ying is Star's best friend and old school mate, despite the two being such opposites; she is usually around when Ratchet and Star are bickering, making peace between them. She is also usually the shy, quiet one in Fang's Gang.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Kate and her best friend Star attended Catholic school together, before they were experimented on and gained powers. Kate was given super-strength.

Angel Edit

Kate joins Fang's Gang.

Nevermore Edit

Kate and Star are shown to be the traitors, as they both attack Ratchet, and Star states, somewhat smugly, that survival comes first.

Maximum Ride Forever Edit

She is revealed to have survived the apocalypse and repented. She and Ratchet are living in a mall in San Francisco, and since they are naturally immune to the H8E virus, donate their blood to cure other kids. Kate fights in the final battle and kills Jeb. In the epilogue, she is seen in Peru, living with the Flock.


Kate's appearance is described as a beautiful young Asian girl with, "thick glossy black hair that that won't stay behind her ears, supermodel cheek bones, and an easy smile." In ANGEL, when she first met Kate, Max states, "...with hair that I would kill for -- and I'm not even that girly."


Being the foil of Star, it is assumed that she is calm (most of the time), level-headed, and quiet.


  • Kate is modeled after Kate Tan Wei Ying of Singapore.
  • Kate's genetically enhanced ability is strength.
  • Kate is a vegan.
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