Harry is an avian-human hybrid first introduced in Maximum Ride Forever. Max gave him his name based off of his bird call, "Huryu".In the earlier settings Max spilts off from her flock.

History[edit | edit source]

While flying over the Mojave Desert, Max is exhausted and near-delirious when she sees five other bird-kids flying nearby. They seem friendly and she follows them to their home, which turns out to be a bunch of nests on the ledges of a mountain. Max tries to talk to them, but quickly realizes that they don't have human intelligence or the ability to speak.

Harry, the first to approach her, grooms her hair. He speaks by chirping, cooing, and mimicking what she says. He kills a rattlesnake for her to eat, but seems shocked when she cooks it. He owns a crumpled page from a year-old magazine, with a picture of the Flock. This is how he recognized Max.

Max suspects that he may be flirting with her, and later he attempts to kiss her, but she tells him never to do that again. When Max leaves, he accompanies her. She feels protective of him.

Angel comments that his thoughts are "excited and jumbled like a little kid's."

Also, Harry was playing with Phoenix in the epilogue of Maximum Ride Forever.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Like the other members of his flock, Harry is more bird than human. He is lean, covered in thick, downy feathers, and has wings attached behind his shoulders; his wings are larger than those of the Flock, and he's a more powerful and graceful flier. He has curly light brown hair, large amber eyes, and two dimples on his face.

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