Gen77, or Generation77, is a new generation of kids with genetic enhancements. Most of them are associated with or part of the Doomsday Group, and are previewed at the end of FANG (when Max goes through Fang's stuff on his laptop); they are formally introduced for the first time in ANGEL. (The Flock is said to be part of Generation 54, and the Erasers are part of Generation 17.)

Jeb Batchelder and Dr. Hans try to convince Max to lead this group, as she will become the new "queen of the world" when the world changes. At their requests, and partially encouraged by Dr. Martinez, the Flock checks out the Rocco Laurie School which was built for Gen77 kids. There, a group of Gen77's "spider-eyed kids" ambushes them. Most of them are young, around Angel's age.


Unlike previous generations of mutants, very few Gen77 members are recombinant-DNA life-forms. Most of them appear to be human, and each member's power varies. Most of them seem to have enhanced physical features. Jeb and Dr. Hans mentioned that some powers included heat resistance, breathing underwater, flying, telepathy, or telekinesis.

Known members of Gen77 include:

  • Kate (super strength)
  • Star (super speed)
  • Ratchet (enhanced senses)
  • Holden Squibb (healing abilities and water breathing)
  • The spider-eyed kids (with eyes around their heads, giving them a 360-degree view)
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