This is stupid. Let's just split. Gasser, we'll go someplace that isn't run by Nazis, okay?

Iggy, The Angel Experiment

In The Angel Experiment, after they found the 433 Building from Max's dream but to no further avail to the Institute, Gazzy, without warning, broke down, and Max finally calmed him down by going to a place where the Flock can just "sit down and rest and eat." As a result, they went to the Garden Tavern. The three older kids were unhappy, but the three younger kids were "ecstatic."

A hostess led the Flock to the Castle Room to a table, "way back by the kitchen." Max figured it would serve as a useful escape route, if things got unnecessary, so she "didn't quibble."

It was after they ordered when things started to roll downhill. Their server, Jason, thought they were rich, spoiled brats, but Angel said they were "just hungry." After the orders were done, Jason "stalked away toward the kitchen" and brought back the manager with him. After an heated argument (in which Angel humiliated Jason by reading his thoughts on how he thinks the manager is "full of hot air and smells like a sissy" and thinks he's "a himbo"), cops piled into the room from the kitchen.

The Flock did an up and away through one of the stained-glass skylights, though Max dumped olive oil on the manager's head, and the Gasman threw pieces of bread.

Description Edit

From the outside, it looks like "a huge building with tons of plate glass windows..."; "Millions of tiny blue lights covered the oak trees that surrounded it." Dining rooms included the Prism Room ("dripping with crystals," containing chandeliers and faceted windows), the Garden Room (filled with rainforest-like greenery) and the Castle Room. All three dining rooms "had soaring ceilings with rafters. The Castle Room had an open fireplace big enough to roast a steer."

What the Flock Ordered Edit

  1. The Gasman:
    1. Two orders of chicken tenders with fries (to start)
    2. A fruit cocktail
    3. Two glasses of milk
  2. Angel:
    1. (Wanted a hot-fudge sundae)
    2. The prime rib "and all this stuff that goes with it"
    3. A soda
    4. A lemonade
  3. Nudge:
    1. Two lasagna primaveras
    2. Salad
    3. Bread
    4. Some milk
  4. Max:
    1. Shrimp cocktail
    2. Maple-glazed roast pork loin, "with the cabbage and potatoes and everything"
    3. The house salad with bleu cheese dressing
    4. A lemonade
    5. An iced tea
  5. Fang:
    1. Lobster bisque
    2. The prime rib
    3. A big bottle of water
  6. Iggy:
    1. (Wanted spaghetti with meatballs)
    2. Rack of lamb, with potatoes, spinach, and a merlot-rosemary sauce
    3. A couple glasses of milk
    4. Some bread

Trivia Edit

  • This restaurant resembles the real-world Tavern on the Green.