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Gabrielle Charbonnet (born July 24, 1961) is an author living in North Carolina who co-authored many of the Maximum Ride books. She also writes under the pen name Cate Tiernan, under which name she is best known for her series Sweep.

Writing Credits Edit

Charbonnet worked as an uncredited cowriter with James Patterson on many of the Maximum Ride books. Shortly after the release of The Final Warning, the New York Times identified her as the cowriter for all four (at the time) books.[1]

She received credit as co-author on Patterson's books Sundays at Tiffany's (2008), Witch and Wizard (2009), and the tenth Maximum Ride book, Hawk (2020).

Despite not being credited directly, most of the Maximum Ride books include the dedication "Many thanks to Gabrielle Charbonnet, my conspirator, who flies high and cracks wise." Mary Jordan is also frequently mentioned. The only volume to leave out this dedication is Maximum Ride Forever.

Trivia Edit

  • In MAX, Max jokes about writing "emotional, mushy" poetry "under some fake, poetic-sounding name, like Gabrielle Charbonnet de la Something-Schmancy. (I'm not kidding. I saw that name on a backpack in France. Poor kid.)" It is not uncommon for Patterson's books to include the name of a real-life person as a cameo; another example is Kevin Okun.

References Edit

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