"Besides my fashion sense? I play a mean harmonica."

Fang, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports


Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Unknown Mother
The Flock (adoptive family)
Max (girlfriend/lover)
Phoenix (daughter, with Max)
Status Alive
Eye Color Dark
Hair Color Black
Height Around 6'2
Affiliation The Flock
Weapons None
Species Avian-human Hybrid
Home None
Appearances The Angel Experiment
School's Out - Forever
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
The Final Warning
Maximum Ride Forever

Fang is an independent, solitary member of the Flock, who eventually begins a romance with Max. Although his true age is unknown, he considers himself fourteen or older at the beginning of the series.

History[edit | edit source]

The identity of Fang's parents is unclear, although at one point the Flock believed his mother was a teenager who gave him up for adoption.

The Angel Experiment[edit | edit source]

After Angel is kidnapped, Fang finds a map of the School in Jeb's files and figures out how long the trip will take. He, Nudge and Max set out to rescue Angel, camping out in an abandoned cabin for the night. Fang shows himself as pragmatic, reminding Max to rest, and telling her not to take a detour to help a random girl. He is quietly angry when he learns of the Flock's origins and their parents. In New York, when Fang is injured by the Erasers, Max kisses him. Near the end, he begins a blog.

School's Out - Forever[edit | edit source]

The plot begins with Fang's injury at the hands of Erasers. Passerby calls an ambulance; while Fang is in the hospital, the Flock is taken in by FBI agent Anne Walker. Attending normal school for the first time at the North Adams School, Fang continues to work on his blog using the school computers, drawing pictures to accompany his posts. Max catches him kissing a pushy classmate named Lissa, and is surprised when she feels jealous. Fang works closely with Max in their search for their parents.

At the end, Fang tells Max that he knew she had been replaced instantly because her clone had offered to cook breakfast. He has taken a laptop from Itex which he can use to update his blog.

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports[edit | edit source]

Fang goes with Max to visit Dr. Martinez, and stays with her while she has surgery. On pain medication, she confesses that she loves him, which he later teasingly tells her about. However, he finds a picture of the Gasman in Dr. Martinez's office, making him wary of the seemingly kind woman.

Fang is infuriated when Max rescues Ari Batchelder, the Eraser son of Jeb Batchelder and her half-brother, (as later revealed) from the School after learning of Ari's expiration date. Fang tells Max she has to choose between them, and the Flock splits, with Fang traveling to California with Iggy and the Gasman in hopes of drawing attention to Itex's crimes. Through his blog, he is able to organize the kids of the world into protests against Itex.

The Final Warning[edit | edit source]

While talking about their relationship, Fang surprises Max by kissing her, and she flies away. Neither of them brings it up afterwards and their relationship becomes strained. Fang is clearly interested in Dr. Brigid Dwyer, which makes Max jealous. Fang also gains a new power, like the other Flock members.

MAX[edit | edit source]

When they meet the agents, the other Flock members give false names, but Fang simply leaves. The others follow his lead. He feels that the CSM airshows are too unsafe, but agrees to go to one more. Max suspects that this is so he can see Dr. Brigid Dwyer. Max is insecure about their relationship, but Angel tells her that Fang loves her.

Later, after the airshows are forced to end by an attack and Nudge leaves for the Day and Night School, Fang tells Max that he chooses her, and they kiss. While the Flock is staying with the Navy, Fang turns down dinner with Brigid and goes with Max to get kimchi and ice cream. Their first official date, however, is interrupted by an M-Geek attack.

During a fight with a squid, Fang and Max both discover that they have developed gills. By the end of the book, Fang and Max frequently kiss and show affection. Angel seems to approve, giving Max a thumbs-up.

FANG[edit | edit source]

While working in Chad, Angel reveals that Fang will be "the first to die." He is the only one who doesn't look upset. Later that night, he tells Max not to worry about it, and that "it has to be me first. Not you."

Stressed by their attempt at homeschooling, the Flock takes a break with a birthday celebrating. Among many carefully thought-out gifts for the other Flock members, Fang gives Max a birthstone ring. Fang is especially distrustful of new arrival Dylan. When the Flock is attacked while Fang and Max are alone together, Angel blames their relationship and leads a vote to expel Max from the Flock. When Max leaves, Fang goes with her to Las Vegas, which he refers to in his blog as Vacationland. They return as soon as they hear that the Flock is in danger. Fang then goes on his own to follow a runaway Angel, who has joined Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen. He falls into a trap and wakes up in a lab, where Dr. Hans is about to use an experimental drug on him. The Flock bursts in too late to stop him from injecting Fang, and the drug causes Fang's heart to stop beating. Fortunately, when Max injects him with adrenaline, he quickly recovers.

After the wedding of Total and Akila, Fang quietly leaves home. He leaves a letter for Max, explaining that their relationship is preventing her from leading the Flock. He leaves with no clear plan, but among files he did not delete from his laptop are hints that he is trying to recruit mutant kids.

ANGEL[edit | edit source]

Fang forms his own flock of mutants, nicknamed Fang's Gang. One of the members is Max's clone, Maya. While investigating the Doomsday Group in California, Fang gets to know Maya, noticing her differences from Max, and they nearly kiss. Max sees Fang's videos of the group on his blog.

Fang in the Marvel series

Not long after, Fang calls Max and asks her to meet him in San Diego. The groups meet at a hotel restaurant, where the members vie for dominance and brag about their powers. Fang and Max begin to argue, revealing that Fang is jealous of Dylan, while Max is jealous of Maya. The groups get into a food fight and are nearly arrested, Dylan defuses the situation by singing. Later, when both groups are on a plane, Gazzy mentions that Dylan was made to be Max's mate, which infuriates Fang. He and Max argue again, only for Angel to calm them down. Fang and Max awkwardly agree to work together to search for the Doomsday Group.

In Paris, despite being quiet and used to blending in, Fang has to put on a show and attract passerby while the members of his group perform stunts near the Louvre, to attract the Doomsday Group's attention. They save numerous people from the Doomsday Group's attack, but Angel goes missing, and the groups split up again.

Nevermore[edit | edit source]

Early on, a teacher reveals to Dylan that the whitecoats want Fang. Meanwhile, Fang's Gang is attacked by Erasers. Star and Kate turn out to be traitors, and Maya dies in Fang's arms. Heartbroken, he tells Ratchet and Holden to go home. Fang is now on his own with an injured wing, unable to fly. However, a blog commenter alerts him to the fact that Angel may be alive. While sitting in a graveyard, he hears the Voice telling him to go to Max. When he returns to the Flock, Max says that he has grown into a man since she last saw him. They rescue Angel, but Jeb shows up with an army of Erasers. He explains that whitecoats are after Fang because he has the immortality gene, and Fang must die. They defeat the Erasers, but Dylan - maddened by the fact that Fang and Max have reconciled - almost kills Fang. Fang spends most of the plane ride to Paradise recuperating. Once there, he's given Dylan's treehouse, as Dr. Martinez explains to Max that he wasn't "expected."

When they learn that the world is in danger, Fang says he and Max will face their fate together, and prepares to accompany her back to the mainland to try to help the humans. However, the Apocalypse knocks them both out of the sky and breaks Max's wing. Fang stays with her, declaring his love and kissing her as a tsunami closes in on them. Max awakens to Fang calling her name. They are among the few left on the surface of the island. As they adjust to the world's new state, Fang makes plans to assess the damage and rebuild the treehouse village.

Maximum Ride Forever[edit | edit source]

Angel shows Fang her vision of his death, and after a night with Max, he leaves the Flock to go to California. He finds Dylan being attacked by Horsemen and tries to help, but it turns out to be a trap. As Jeb looks on, the Erasers rip one of Fang's wings off and kill him. However, Dylan recovers the body and puts it in stasis deep within Himmel. He replaces the destroyed wing with a bionic one and prepares it to be brought back to life, but waits until after they've defeated the Remedy to ask Max's opinion. Max says she wants Fang back alive and tells Dylan that she's pregnant with Fang's child. In response, Dylan brings Fang back to life, dying in the process.

Fang recovers from losing several months of his life. In the underground bunker, he and Max welcome their newborn daughter Phoenix. As the book ends, they emerge from the bunker after a four-year nuclear winter.

HAWK[edit | edit source]

A black-haired prisoner is brought into McCallum Incarceration. Ridley, Hawk's hawk, flies over to the prisoner. Hawk gets excited, thinking that Ridley will attack the prisoner, but Ridley just sits on his shoulder and runs her beak through the prisoner's hair. The prisoner looks at Hawk, making her nervous. Later, while Hawk in walking around in the jail, the prisoner calls her Phoenix. He claims that he is her father, and that Maximum Ride is her mother. Hawk then faints.

Later, Hawk decides to test the prisoner (Fang). She asks him to describe her appearance, and Fang perfectly describes her wings and shows his own, surprising Hawk.

After Hawk meets the Flock and rescues her friends, they bomb the top of the prison. Prisoners start throwing "gifts" at them, though Fang's cell is empty. Hawk makes a prisoner tell her where Fang went using her meanest voice and face. The prisoner tells her that Fang was at execution. The Flock finds Fang slumping at the execution square, appearing to be unconscious and dehydrated.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Novels[edit | edit source]

Fang in Maximum Ride The Manga 2.png

Fang has olive-toned skin with black eyes and shaggy black hair. He is about 6'2" in height, with a wingspan of 14 feet as a teenager. He frequently wears black clothing. His feathers are black, "so dark they looked almost purple in the sunlight" (Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports), similar to those of a raven.

In HAWK, Fang is said to look older and has a beard growing, as well as longer hair. According to Max, he is "hot, hot, hot."

In the manga, he has extremely long hair in the first issues, later cut to neck-length. In the Marvel miniseries, his hair is curly with sideburns.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Although often noted to be reserved, brooding and mysterious, Fang shows a witty and sarcastic streak, particularly in his writing when he becomes interested in blogging. He can also be paranoid, calculating and pragmatic. He cares deeply for the Flock and has a soft side for Angel. As one of the oldest members of the Flock, he frequently works with Max to look after the younger ones.

Max notes that Fang rarely smiles, cries or shows emotions and often keeps a straight face. However, after his daughter's birth in Maximum Ride Forever, Max says that Fang has become more open and emotional.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Camouflage[edit | edit source]

Fang's "self-mutation" is the ability to become near-invisible when holding still, discovered in The Final Warning. This skill only plays a significant part in that book.

Speed[edit | edit source]

In MAX, a spy records that Fang can fly up to speeds of 250 mph. He believes he gained this ability from the blood transfusion Max gave him in School's Out - Forever.

Breathing Underwater[edit | edit source]

Fang (like Max) also developed gills in MAX.

Immortality[edit | edit source]

It is revealed in Nevermore that his DNA holds the key to immortality and as a result he is more likely to survive an incident as opposed to the other Flock members.

Enhanced Physical Condition[edit | edit source]

As an avian-human hybrid, Fang's physical attributes are enhanced to the point his speed and strength are superior to normal teenagers and even most adults. He uses this to keep up with Erasers in combat. However these attributes are inferior to newer enhanced beings such as Dylan, Kate, Star, and Horsemen.

He also has enhanced reflexes which are displayed in combat and sudden danger. In addition, his sight is greatly enhanced and is referred to as "raptor vision". Also like the Flock, he has an internal compass which can gauge distance, wind currents, and magnetic direction.

Hand-to-Hand Combat[edit | edit source]

Fang is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is one of the Flock's best combatants.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Maximum "Max" Ride[edit | edit source]

Fang and Max are partners who frequently confide in each other and have each other's backs. Fang shows an understanding of Max's personality, and when upset she often confides in him and he can calm her down. Their relationship later develops into love. He is deeply upset when Max tries to cut the chip from her arm. They officially begin to date in MAX, but in FANG he chose to leave her to avoid distracting her from leadership. They grew apart, with Fang dating Maya for a time. They resumed their relationship in Nevermore. Fang left Max again, however, in Maximum Ride Forever, not realizing that she was pregnant at the time.


Fang claims to have a soft spot for Angel and treats her like his little sister. He is protective with her and is weak against her Bambi eyes.

Maya[edit | edit source]

During his time away from the Flock, Fang was attracted to Max's clone, who chose the name Maya to set herself apart. He originally recruited her due to her fighting skills, but was intrigued by her personality, which was similar to Max's in some ways but also unique. According to Angel, however, he was only ever in love with Max. Before their relationship could progress, Maya was killed by a clone of Ari. Seeing her dying, Fang was reminded most strongly of Max.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In School's Out - Forever it is revealed that Fang's fears are being caged and not being able to help the Flock. He also hates needles.
  • Fang briefly went by the alias "Nick" or the joking variation "Fnick" during School's Out - Forever.
  • His star sign, according to Angel, is Scorpio (revealed in the epilogue of FANG among materials from his blog).
  • Fang is said to have a thing for redheads, as shown throughout the series.
  • His favorite food is beef.
  • Angel said that Fang will be the first to die. In FANG, he almost dies and Max revives him with an adrenaline shot to the heart; in Maximum Ride Forever, he dies, but Dylan places him in suspended animation and revives him.
  • He is featured on the second and eighth volumes of the Maximum Ride graphic novel by NaRae Lee.
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