Angel and Celeste

Celeste was Angel's teddy bear that she influenced a woman in New York City to buy for her when the Flock visited AFO Schmidt.


The Angel Experiment

Shortly after the Flock first entered the store, Angel tried to get Max to buy her the bear (but did not succeed due to the price of $49). Willing to get it no matter what, however, she telepathically asked an older woman to buy it for her.


It was mentioned that she used to carry it around all the time but had stopped doing so, as she was growing up.

Celeste white


Celeste was a brown teddy bear dressed as an angel with a white gown, little white wings, and a gold halo. She was sometimes described to be dirty and mangy and in need of a good wash. However, in the manga, she is a white angel bear.


  • Celeste cost forty-nine dollars.