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Dr. Martinez displays Max's X-ray in the film Maximum Ride

I pulled my wings in, feeling them fold, hot from exercise, into a tight accordion on either side of my spine.

–The Angel Experiment

Avian-human hybrids, also known as bird kids or Avian-Americans, are part of the 54th mutant generation of recombinant-DNA beings created by the School.


All avian-human hybrids have six limbs and are capable of flight. They have large feathered wings like birds. A teenaged hybrid may have a wingspan of fourteen or fifteen feet. Different hybrids have had wings resembling those of different bird species such as hawks or pheasants.

Despite the size, their wings are capable of folding tightly against the spine (like an "accordion") and can be almost completely hidden.

Avian-human hybrids tend to weigh a bit less than a hundred pounds. With high metabolisms, they need to ingest a large amount of calories, typically between 3000-4000 a day. They have air sacs in addition to lungs. Like birds, they have nuclei in their red blood cells, and their bones and stomachs are altered. They have fast, smooth heartbeats. Other birdlike qualities include a directional sense, raptor vision, acute hearing, and other advanced senses. (School's Out - Forever)

Harry and his flock are a variation, being more birdlike and having feathers covering their bodies. (Maximum Ride Forever)

It is sometimes possible for "bird kids" to mutate on their own, as mentioned in The Final Warning. Each member of the Flock develops at least one superhuman ability such as telepathy or super-speed.

History Edit

The Flock was created in the School as a genetic experiment. Little is known about their history except that they are the 54th "generation" of experiments. Angel's subject number is 11. Itex at one point hoped to sell their creations, including avian hybrids, to government buyers.

Known Avian-human Hybrids Edit

Other Avian Hybrids Edit

  • Total: a canine-avian hybrid
  • Ari and other Erasers: had wings grafted on later
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