Akila was a purebred Alaskan Malamute who first appeared in The Final Warning. She was the mascot and official rescue dog of the Wendy K. scientists. Akila was eventually married to Total.


The Final Warning

Akila was first introduced when the Flock was in Antarctica. Dr. Brigid Dwyer introduced her as a "strictly research dog" and the scientists' mascot and official rescue dog. When Total first met Akila, he fell in love with her immediately, calling her a goddess when Angel said she looked like a pretty white teddy bear; he also snapped that she was no "regular" dog, but perfection. The Gasman had also commented that Total was drooling on Angel's bed.

As Total fell in love with Akila, Max later started calling her his "furry lady love" or his "lady friend". When Total, Angel, and Akila sneak away to catch a baby penguin for Angel, all three of them fell into an ice crevasse and Max and Fang had to rescue them in the middle of the snowstorm. Total was dismayed when he thought Akila died in the Category 4 hurricane while they were being decided over at an auction in Miami, but was thrilled when he found out she was alive after all when she fell on Max. He licked her face and she seemed to like it.


Akila isn't mentioned much except when Total refused to get in the water and threatened to leave with Akila until Max pulled him under. Another time, Total and Max had a discussion about their marriage while Max was laying on a bunk bed of the sub, having a panic attack.


Akila isn't in this book much either except for when she and Total get married at the end. Max said that Akila looked "Stunning. The Alaskan Malamute looked as if she had stepped out of a fiction novel."


Akila also doesn't physically appear in this book either, but she was mentioned by Total when he came back to the Flock after their honeymoon.


Akila isn't mentioned much in this book either due to the fact that the Flock couldn't travel with her (since she weighed almost as much as Max). As a result, she and Total were separated for long periods of time, but when the Flock went to the paradise island, Total was overjoyed that Akila was waiting for him in their very own dog-tree house.

Maximum Ride Forever

While fighting a pack of Cryenas along with the rest of the Flock, Akila sustains critical injuries and ultimately dies.


Akila is described as being snow-white with small, triangular ears.


  • Akila cuddled with Total during the snowstorm in The Final Warning, hinting that she already had feelings for him.
  • Akila's mother had once won the Iditarod dog sled race.