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It'll be okay, Max. I'll be with you always, no matter what. And Max—I believe in you. Forever.


ANGEL is the 7th book of the Maximum Ride series, and also the fourth book of the Protectors arc, by James Patterson.



Max suffers from depression after Fang's departure, but grows closer to Dylan. He kisses her, and they fight, with him picking up fighting skills from her. Jeb Batchelder and Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen arrive to visit the Flock, and inform Max that she is to be the leader of the new generation of mutants, the Gen77 kids (the Flock was Generation 54, and the Erasers were generation 17. Dr. Gunther-Hagen, despite warnings from Jeb, says that Max will have to breed soon, preferably with Dylan, to create a dynasty of leaders. However, Dr. Martinez shuts down the conversation.

Fang creates his own flock, "Fang's Gang," consisting of various enhanced kids: hypersensory Ratchet, super-speedy Star, super-strong Kate, starfish-like self-healer Holden Squibb, and Max's clone Max II, who has renamed herself to Maya.

The Flock visits a Gen77 school at Dr. Martinez's request, but their plane is caught in a booby trap. The kids narrowly escape being shredded, and Dr. Gunther-Hagen goes missing in the crash. When Max, Dylan and Angel try to approach the school anyway, they are ambushed by kids with many eyes and 360 degrees vision. Heading back to Dr. Martinez's house, they encounter Mike the computer hacker in the desert. He is under the Doomsday Group's "spell," and disappears into the desert ranting about "killing the humans" and the "planet cleanse," leaving the group shaken.

Back home, Max finds the Flock in a moody state. Iggy and Ella have also been sucked into the Doomsday cult. Ella urges them to visit her school to learn more about it. The Flock is disturbed by the sight of smiling, glassy-eyed people who seem to worship Iggy for his wings. The Flock takes Iggy home and deprograms him with the help of Angel's mind powers. They try to do the same with Ella upon taking her from the cult members' campsite. Although she seems freed from her trance at first, Ella vanishes during the night, leaving a message: "I was meant to have wings."

They receive a message from Fang and meet his group at a restaurant. The rift between Max and Fang has deepened, with Max disturbed to see Maya among his companions, and the Flock and Fang's Gang immediately clash. However, they eventually agree to go out to a Doomsday Group rally in France. There, they find that the rally is directly over bombs rigged up in the sewer system. They evacuate while Gazzy disarms the bombs. Max and Maya fight off Mark, and he falls to his death; Max looks at his body down below, and sees wires sticking out of him, suggesting that he is a robot.

The bombs go off. Though not all the normal people are able to make it to safety, the genetically enhanced ones are unscathed. Already horrified by the destruction and death, Max learns from Gazzy and Fang that Angel is missing. Eventually, with no luck in their search, the groups part ways.

In the epilogue, called, "Famous Last Words," Angel is alive in an unknown place, hooked up to a bunch of machines, surrounded people whose minds she cannot read, preparing to experiment on her. She cries and silently apologizes to Max. The last words of the book are, "At least she was still human enough to cry."

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